An amazing seven years

After what has been an incredible, nearly seven years at Adobe, my number has come up, and so it’s time to move on. This will undoubtedly be the last post on, something that I know hundreds of thousands of you have enjoyed reading for the various insights into Adobe’s Mobile and Devices efforts.

There have been many highlights during my time at the mobile helm, most notably working with my close friend Bill Perry and the growing mobile developer community back in 2007, and of course the incredible Evangelist team led by Ben Forta for the past four years.

Throughout these years together we’ve managed to deliver incredible advances in the Mobile and Devices industry, shipping over a Billion devices with Flash Lite and ultimately bringing Flash Player and AIR to mobile and the Digital Home.  Those achievements, despite having their respective flaws, have enabled some of the most incredible successes ever seen in the mobile content industry.  So while we have seen various people scoff at the cancellation of Flash Player on mobile, at least we tried.

The great news is that Adobe AIR and Flex continue to be wonderful solutions for mobile developers.  It has been incredible to see their transformation into key technologies for the ecosystem and I look forward to seeing them grow in the future.

I’d like to thank you all for being such a great community and supporting my efforts around the world over the years.  I’m really excited to see what the future holds, maybe I’ll have even bigger hair!




  • Johnhavengrather

    +1 Mark. Thanks for 7 years of being a part of this thing with us. I look forward to being a part of the next 7 and where it leads us all with ya. Best of Luck Bro.

  • Brian Rinaldi

    You will be missed.

    • Anonymous

      Very likely, who else will hold up the bar??

  • Robert Hall

    Thanks for all the great work and support over the years Mark, I appreciate all you have done for mobile and the community. You certainly have plenty to be proud of given all the great successes and accomplishments, despite the way things recently unfolded. Best of luck to you in your next adventure/endeavour. Please do let us all know where you end up.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Robert, it has been an absolute pleasure

  • Greg Burch

    You didn’t like working with me? :( Good luck on whatever is next.

    • Anonymous

      haha – hated it!

  • Jon Webb

    Thanks Mark, and good luck with the hair 😉

  • Adi Nugroho

    Thanks Mark for all of your effort ^_^ Best of luck for you .

  • Mario Robles Vieira

    Thanks Mark. We still need you, AIR can’t go anywhere without the people helped it to happen. We will keep an eye on FlashMobileBlog 😉

  • Raúl Jiménez

    OMG, that was unexpected!

    I wish you the best of lucks friend, Im sure that you will be leading the mobile developers wherever you go.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it was, but I guess sometimes we all need to move on, this was my time.  I’m looking forward to the future and you can be sure that I’ll see you in Barcelona some time in the future

  • Andrea Trento

    Thanks Mark, and good luck! 

  • Richard Leggett

    Good luck with the future, hope to hear about your next endeavours on Twitter (somehow I didn’t have you on there!).

    • Anonymous

      That’s likely because I’m rarely on it :-)  It has been great getting to know you, I’m sure our paths will cross in the future somewhere

  • Leonardo Risuleo

    Hi Mark!

    So SAD to hear you’re leaving… I wish you all the BEST for your future adventures!


  • Ilan

    its been great to read your articles and code examples, looking forward to see you on the “Radar” :-)

  • Pixologist

    thanks for all the help over the years, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

  • Jay

    Take care and stand tough Mark. You will be clearly missed but I am sure this wasn’t the last time our pathes crossed. Go for the hair! 😉

  • Stefan Richter

    All the best for the future Mark, and thanks for all your advice and help over the years. Onwards and upwards. Your ex-employer’s loss, not yours.

  • Pabreyn

    Thanks Mark,

    Sometimes we have to learn to stand up falling down.

  • Francisc

    Bye Mark, I’ll miss your funny accent!

  • Pasi Manninen

    Thanks Mark – I have loved to read your blog! Hope we can meet again some day…

  • Mihai Corlan

    Hey mat all the best as you move forward. It has been an honor and pleasure working with you.

  • Laxman Thapa

    I wish you all the best for your future challenges. Good luck. :)

  • lucamezzalira

    THank you for your time and passion my friend! I hope to see you soon
    luca mezzalira

  • Harish Sivaramakrishnan

    Good luck, Mark! It was a pleasure knowing you and working with you!

  • Christopher Caleb

    Thanks for all your help and encouragement over the past year Mark. All the best for the future!

    • Anonymous

      No problem at all, here’s to the future

  • RobMcM

    Good luck mate, look forwarding to seeing where you end up. They will be luck to have you 😉

  • Mariam Dholkawala

    You will be missed by many of us Mark! It was great interacting with you. Best wishes for what you choose to do next!

  • woody78

    I’m sad to hear these news. Liked your blog very much and I wish you all the best for future. Besides is there a chance to get contact to your former collegue Meet Shah  or to get the code of your MapWebView example  :)

  • ultimate barber

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  • Du hoc Anh

    Congragultion Mark ! Hope all nice thing will be get for you. Important, keep it more to develop…

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  • Eric Lewis

     It’s great news for mobile developers that Adobe AIR and Flex continue to be wonderful solutions.  It has been an absolute pleasure.

  • Enterprise Mobile Hub

    Those 7 years are really amazing! 

  • Ben X

    Thanks for the great work and a great seven years at Adobe :). Best of luck for the future!

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