Scaleform – Mobile World Congress

Yesterday at the Imagination stand we spotted Brendan Iribe from Scaleform, one of the most amazing SWF rendering engines available. I actually heard of Scaleform about three years ago through our Korean team, it’s taken this long for us to connect.

Above, you can see a 3D game using the Unreal engine and looking great.  What’s interesting is that the control system, which floats in the air in 3d is actually created in Flash Professional.  The power of the Scaleform tools means that these SWFs can be tessellated (vectors to triangles) and run directly within the 3D engine.

It just makes so much sense, why on earth wouldn’t they use Flash to create this type of UI?  I’m also starting to wonder just how much more Flash content is created out there and played back on a “custom” SWF Player.

Update – Scaleform announced that they have been acquired by AutoDesk.


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  • Aidan Mack

    That is amazing!
    I wants it! Creating the ui stuff in flash looks superb

    • Mark Doherty

      Hi Aidan,

      You can sign up for their developer program at and start creating applications today.


  • James

    Great! They have really done an outstanding job with Scaleform.
    Adobe engineers are also doing superb job with Molehill and recently released Flash Player 10.2, but this Scaleform player is mind-blowing, specially the way they have changed the rendering of actionscript stuff with full hardware acceleration.
    Well, I think Adobe should acquire this company and add their creative minds in the future development of Flash Player.

    I hope Adobe is listening… Mark, are you there? :)


    • Mark Doherty

      Yes, I am here :-)

      Scaleform are a great partner and their solution is a great demonstration of using the SWF specification to solve a complex problem.

      The company has now been acquired by AutoDesk

  • K

    Why Abobe didn’t buy them? :)

    • Mark Doherty

      That’s a great question, and I’m sure it has been considered. However we are too late, they were acquired by Autodesk.

      Many people at Adobe felt that it was more important for Scaleform to focus on their solution, which addresses a great use case. Flash Player addresses many more use cases, providing a great platform on which Scaleform was built.

      They are a great example of a company using the open & free SWF specification to provide a customer driven solution.


  • Angel Romero

    Scaleform is definitely a promising solution.  While my time at Midway Amusement Games, we used Scaleform along with Flash to design/develop the UI for games like TNA Wrestling and Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe.  

    I am glad to hear that they have been bought out by such an established company.  Wonder what the next steps are for Scaleform and it would be great if they can keep up with the latest Flash API updates.

  • Juan

    I’m completely and uttered amused here.
    Looking up to that developer program right nao.

  • Ted Patrick

    The stunner is that XBOX360 uses scaleform + Flash for all casual gaming since XBOX360 launched.

    Also lots of game title use it for ui menuing. There were a few alternative Flash engines at GDC last year.

    Ted :)

    • Mark Doherty

      I can’t confirm that ;-0

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