Adobe AIR – Packager for iPhone OS demos

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of Flash Professional CS5, our Flash authoring tool ships with our Packager for iPhone preview. With the new tool it’s possible to create Adobe AIR applications based on Flash, and ship those on the Apple AppStore.

As you may have noticed, we have been shipping our own mobile applications for a while now, including Mobile on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Acrobat Connect on the iPhone.  In just these few short months we’ve managed over 6 million downloads already, and I’m looking forward to seeing future Adobe products on different form factors.

Of course some developer agencies have already been pushing out their first Flash-based applications using the pre-release packager.  With over 100 in the AppStore today, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the progress being made, enjoy the “presentation” :-)

Although I’ve focused on the iPhone here, everything that you have seen can run on other platforms with a few tweaks.  That’s the benefit of using Flash and AIR for your mobile and devices content.

Update:  Kevin Hoyt shows some side-by-side demos with Android OS

  • Guilhem

    Hi Mark, cool demos (esp. Connect Pro which I love)

    However after having watched the videos, I find your title somewhat misleading.
    These are not really AIR apps, aren’t they ? You say that they’ve been built using CS5′s Flash Pro…

    I am getting confused now, what’s the relation with AIR ? do these apps rely on your Slider Flex framework ?

  • Mark Doherty

    Hi Guilhem,

    The applications are creating using the AIR runtime and then passed through the Packager for iPhone, this converts them to native code.

    So in effect these are AIR applications, but with limitations because there is no interpreter.

    None of the applications are using Slider, we’ll see that later in the year.


  • Andy McDonald

    Hi Mark,

    Does the announcement about the ability to package AIR 2.0 apps for the iPhone basically mean that we have access to a larger set of APIs? In particular, does this include the new DatagramSocket class?


    Andy McDonald
    Centre for Advanced Textiles
    Glasgow School of Art

    • Mark Doherty

      Hi Andy, It means that you can create iPhone apps using the AIR api set. Although some APIs and features aren’t appropriate for mobile phones and have been removed, like Windows etc. You can expect the DatagramSocket to be working, although I haven’t checked that specifically.


  • Bill Perry

    Thanks for sharing Mark. Would be interesting for you to show same app running on iPhone and Android (as AIR) and then talk about the “tweaking” required of the source code to get one working on the other.

    Is there a complete list some where of all of the Flash for iPhone apps available in the AppStore?

    • Mark Doherty

      Hi Bill, Kevin did a more direct comparison here. You can see Fickleblox on Android is hanging slightly off the bottom of the screen because we’re running the code unchanged. I quite like the fact that it’s shown this way, at least you can see the types of basic changes required.

  • David Arno

    Hi Mark,

    Any news yet on when/ if the Packager for iPhone will be available as part of the SDK/ FlashBuilder, or will it be necessary to by Flash CS5?

    • Mark Doherty

      Hi David, The Packager isn’t a Flash Pro feature, it can ship with other products and is largely formed of open source code.

  • bzzt

    What about iPad?

    • Mark Doherty

      The Packager for iPhone creates native applications and these will run on the iPhone. We are working on updates to accommodate the iPad.

  • jack


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  • xavier

    So, will we be able to program apps that use the phone cam/mic and be compatible with the several plarforms?

    • Mark Doherty

      We cannot currently use the Cam/Mic apis on mobile devices in a consistent manner. It is something that we want to do, but it won’t feature in this release.

  • jaxim

    Will this approach work with Windows Phone? That would be great. Make your app in ActionScript and run Adobe’s program to convert it so it works on a tons of platforms. ActionScript will be the only program language you will need to learn!

    • Mark Doherty

      We are working with Microsoft to bring Flash Player 10.1 to the Windows Phone 7. Currently their terms state that they only accept Silverlight and XNA applications which would rule out AIR or the Packager toolchain.

      • jaxim

        Wouldn’t the packager essentially change the ActionScript program to be a Silverlight (or XNA) program? I’m not familiar with WinPhone7 developer’s terms, but wouldn’t that be okay? Thanks!

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  • Dhaya

    @Bill Perry: you can view a side by side comparison on this video :

    Also, I’m interested too in having an exhaustive list of App Store apps made using Flash.

    • jaxim

      I hope no one issues such a list. It would make it too easy for Apple to reject those applications b/c they weren’t originally written the way Apple wanted.

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  • Syed Mazhar Hasan

    Hi Mark,

    can we use data APIs for fetching data from servers using simple URLRequest calls? just asking bcz never saw any sample which is loading data from server


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  • Mehdi

    Hi Mark, can you please answer this once and for all for me?

    Are we going to have the option of creating native android apps? Or do android devices need to have Adobe Air Mobile installed before running these apps?

    • Mark Doherty

      Adobe AIR will run on Android devices without the need for a special compiler. The runtime will simply be installed once, and you get to package and distribute your app inside an APK file on the Android Market.

  • jacob

    Hey Guys,

    i hope this gets still attention: Is it possible in the future, with cs5, to develope a flash application which acceses the CAMERA as an AIR app, then wrap it for IPhone and make it work, so it uses the iphone-camera?


  • jaxim

    Hi Mark:

    Did you see that Apple changed their EULA so AS developers cannot (should not) use the new Packager to create iPhone apps?

    What steps is Adobe taking to ensure that Apple cannot detect that the Packager was used? Can you obfuscate the iPhone app code so it looks different all the time?

    Will Adobe start playing hardball and NOT release CS5 to the Mac platform until Apple caves and provides flash on the iPhone/iPad, gives you access to the API so you can access the GPU, allows developers to use the Packager. At the very lease can Adobe delay the Mac release of CS5 by a considerable amount of time (i.e. 6 months)?

  • Louis

    Hi Mark,
    Is there any showcases for video streaming in AIR app on mobile via RTMP now?

    • Mark Doherty

      Sure – the Adobe Connect application on the Appstore

  • Lock

    New iPhone Developer Agreement Bans the Use of Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone Compiler… What about this, any idea?

  • Lock