Preview: Flash Player 10.1 on the Palm Pre

Yesterday I spotted a lady here in the UK showing off her Palm Pre to a friend.  So today I recorded a video to take a look at Palm’s WebOS Browser with Flash Player 10.1.  Please note that the engineering build on this device is not up-to-date, but you can certainly get an impression of how great the experience will be.

For the user experience professionals out there, check out the card metaphor for switching between applications; amazing.

  • Rick Mason

    I’m so sad the Palm Pre isn’t doing well. It’s such a slick phone and WebOS is awesome. Now with FP 10.1 on it I think it’s even more amazing.

  • G

    Adobe, when is flash going to be released for the pre? The wait and the teases are becoming unbearable.

  • wukoki

    Adobe, when is flash going to be released for the pre. The teases are becoming unbearable.

  • Greg

    Very impressive demonstration. By the way, when can we expect a release of flash for the pre? Beta will do!

  • Scott Janousek

    Rick … prediction: Palm is an acquition target late this year into 2011. Thus, webOS (and Flash 10.1) lives on through another companies efforts. You don’t want to hear about the other possibility if Palm can’t recover financially … not very pretty.

  • Christian Pop

    I can’t wait to get to test this.