Flash Player 10.1 – Hardware Acceleration Ahoy!

Some key announcements around our work with Qualcomm and NVIDIA with Flash Player 10.1, the version number for our new desktop and mobile runtime.  Some would argue (and I’m sure some did) that if .1 means only incremental changes then we should have called it Flash 11!  The work that has gone into this runtime, we have doubled the number of supported platforms including Symbian, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

It’s a huge investment made possible by the incredible talent that is Adobe’s Flash Engineering team.  Let’s see the Silverlight team rock something like that out!

One of the biggest challenges has been performance for constrained devices.  GPU acceleration and optimizations by ARM, Intel and our OEM partners have enabled us to create a better player, one that uses less RAM, less battery and renders faster on constrained devices.

Don’t you just love the Open Screen Project??

A big round of applause for our engineering teams!

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    When do you think Flash 10.1 for Symbian will be available for public download (even if it is Beta) ? Also , will it be available for Nokia E71 (i.e. S60 V3 FP1 phones? I think you have a lot of folks “chomping at the bit” for this App.

  • tim

    EVVJSK: The official word from Adobe is “later this year”.

  • Ole Jak

    “How is Silverlight for mobile different from Silverlight on desktop?
    The goal of Silverlight is to provide a consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices. Developers will be able to easily optimize Silverlight applications for mobile form factors or run existing Silverlight applications on mobile phones.” http://silverlight.net/learn/mobile/

  • http://www.flashmobileblog.com Mark Doherty

    Hi Ole,

    You can refer to this …
    What version of Silverlight is being made available on mobile initially?
    Silverlight for mobile will be based on Silverlight 2.

    Obviously the team missed the boat on this because it’s not available today for mobile or devices. I’m also hearing that the private pre-release is somewhat stale indicating a strategy shift or delay.


  • http://xvi.com Graham J

    GPU acceleration… So does Flash use OpenCL now then?

  • http://Berk-beykan.tr.gg berk

    flash player pls

  • Redix

    a simplified feature list of flash player 10.1